We have been made aware that Missy and Dan Bryan are going forward with their Enchanted Circle Fair scam and have already scammed at least two businesses into advertising in their fake fair “handbook”. Further they are trying to scam the Hambone Express Pig Racers into bringing their rig into town as well as Dr. Solar’s Medicine Show. We will be alerting those two event providers to be sure to be paid UP FRONT or they won’t see a penny from the Bryans. We will also be spreading the word throughout the valley to all the people who may attend the rodeo portion of this show not to sign up or their money will just go straight to the Indian casinos down the road. This is Cactus Flats all over again. Remember folks, Cactus Flats was Missy and Dan’s big ideas where they hired all of these people to do all of this hard work for them and then conveniently couldn’t pay them anything and were run out of Arizona for it.Missy throws Dan under the bus and claims she didn’t have a hand in Cactus Flats ever but we all know she did and this Enchanted Circle Fair stinks to high heaven of her fingerprints all over it too. BEWARE if you invest in or plan on attending this so called fair all you are going to end up seeing is your dollars flying into the slots at the casinos and tumble weeds blowing around the empty fairgrounds. .

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