This tanning salon has as wonderful staff. I have spoken with the owner… about 5 times since I moved here 13 years ago. Recently I started getting what looked like insect bites in March. I had no idea what happened at first but eventually I was diagnosed with Scabies. Did not connect the ordeal to anything until I came out tanning one day and saw my feet were disgustingly dirty!! Almost BLACK! I thought well next time I’ll bring disinfecting wipe to check their floors to see if they are clean. I cleaned my feet after the tanning session and my feet were again black … I accidentally dropped the wipe on the floor and as I picked it up… I wiped the floor … it was BLACK! I will never go back. It is NOT clean! You can get scabies, lice, ring worm… flesh eating virus… I wanted my money back. but they have a NO RETURN POLICY. .
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Endless Summer Tanning & Wellness Review