We’re knowledgeable about car repair insurance, good repair facilities, child safety, the structural integrity of cars and trucks and so much more. | I am writing this Blog on behalf of the Company as we have filed a case against “Energy wise led” company because we spent on something which was not even a good for 3 months and our good name was spoiled due to such LED’s. We wanted the best services across the globe. So we decide to got for “Energywise LED” as we heard that their LED’s are cost effective and long lasting. The managing partner Blane Curry and Glenn Dormer are the biggest fraud ever. I will tell you what happened as you read on. | We signed a deal with “Energywise LED” and the way they treated us was like HELL because the services were given in a professional manner to us being a Commercial Client and we never expected this from an American brand because when we talk about American brand it’s suppose to be class apart but “Energywise LED” are worst in class in all aspects. We never got a dedicated service guy to address our complaints and there was nothing we can call it has service to our company as we a repair insurance company and requre good sevice of the LED lights. Despite the deal was not of a small amount($55,000) we did with them and still we got treated like worst than consumer client who deals in few Bulb’s. The packages landed to us with the literature was with many best things written on it about the LED’s but all we can come up with for “Energywise LED” is worst worst worst and worst. | LED’s were low in power and high on Bills. 0 ratings when comes to enery efficiency and 0 customer service, infact we suspect they do provide any customer service because we never fekt that. “Energywise LED” has spoiled the name of the American LED market which makes us feel like we should deal with some other Country or a very trustworthy brand. We incurred huge loss and the utlility bills were extremely high. What kind of dealership were these partners into just fooling the companies and the businesses! I never expected this from them at all. We thought we made a great deal witht he company but it was the complete opposite! | ALL we want to say is BAN “Energywise LED” to save the GOLDEN name of USA Market.

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