I am writing this Blog because my company (Fogg Auto Shop) has faced a tremendous LOSS. This is to make everyone aware of EnergyWise LED solutions because we might go for it to find a solution for ourselves by buying their product but will endup in a huge trouble because after using this LED’s there is NO solution it’s only TROUBLE throughout your LIFE. “ENERGYWISE LED” has no energy in the Bulb’s because they are made out of CHEAP quality. We decided to for this because from the website: energywiseled.com/ we felt it seems to be a good brand but as we say the Grass is always greener at the other side, We can never predict until we experience it. In the beginning it was good but in few weeks the true color of “ENERGYWISE LED” were proved because at times forget about flickering but they never use to GLOW. | It was so embarassing to work in such atmosphere where the light are not good enough to work. Talking about the CEO “Glenn Dormer” as his spontneous Attitude made us Feel like he deal in the best LED’s throughout the GLOBE but what he talks is something what he never does. He is biggest thwart on this planet when he talks he sounds Lunatic too after going through all these hassles he says get another set of blub’s a lesser cost. My FOOT lesser cost we won’t even go for FREE as it’s a piece of S*** and we never thought this will ever happen with us. | In fact Dormer is the one who’s responsible for the bad time for us, He’s the one who’s traning the employee’s to cheat with everyone. Glenn Dormer should be banned from the American industry, I am sure “ENERGYWISE LED” will be on the BBB list too and soon the firm will be sealed. NEVER do business with “ENERGYWISE LED” as they are not worth it.

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