Complaint: They are THIEVES, be careful, you will never see your precious domains again!!! They will hold hostage your domains and force you to give them your government ID with your picture, birth date, address etc, on top of your credit card. DO NOT SEND THEM YOUR ID, you don’t know who these thieves are and there is no need for it. Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and all the biggest companies do not ask for you personal ID and even they do they are at least reputable. You will REGRET it dearly if you send your ID to Enom. They pray on customers that don’t have the resources to defend themselves. They will grab by your balls, ask for everything and it doesn’t matter because you will never see your domains again. I hope the government or business bureau will shut shut down this illegal gang asap

Tags: Internet Services

Address: Kirkland, Washington USA


Phone: (425) 974-4689