This company signed a lease to rent business space from me. I had to contact them most every month to get paid. After nine months of renting and when rent was past due once again I tried to contact them only to b given a number of lies and excuses. When I showed up at their office I was shocked to find shut off notices from semco and DTE. They had not paid them in months. No one was there, it was as though they walked out and never returned leaving behind office desks, equipment, computers, fie cabinets (filled with invoices, payroll records, client records, etc). It has now been six months and I have not been able to locate or reach them. Additionally, I contracted them to do some construction repairs which I paid for but they never completed the work. | i believe they are still doing business in St clair county. should you cross paths with them I would avoid at any cost. They are devious, dishonest and deceitful. it appears they use different names in their personal and business dealings: | Tim Wagner or Tim mature | samatha Wagner or Samantha Sanchez | i have been told by the wagners that their primary clients are banks. When homes are foreclosed this company does the repairs. If you are in this type of business be cautious.

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