Ordered dog supplement for a friend on July 18, 2005 from Entirely Pets.com, and paid extra for expedited shipping. Received confirmation of order via e-mail within minutes, and told that a follow-up e-mail with tracking info would follow. Payment was debited from my account on July 20, 2005. nTo date, I have not received shipment notification, nor have I received the shipment. nCalled today (July 26) and after 18 minutes on hold finally talked to someone. He said order was shipped out on July 18, then he put me on hold another 4 minutes and then told me the supplement was on back order and would be in sometime this week and they would ship it out to me then. nI am a regular customer of Jefferspet.com and have NEVER had this problem with them. I only ordered from this company because Jefferspet doesn’t carry the supplement my friend wants. nI have ordered many other different items from many other different companies and have never had this problem, either. I sure wish I had thought to check out this company BEFORE I ordered!! nBeckynvidalia, GeorgiaU.S.A.

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