Complaint: This group has jumped on the bandwagon with WWF and others to send millions of mailings to collect donations for Polar bears which they claim are endangered. The facts show the bears are NOT decreasing, but increasing, and in many areas of Canada have endangered the humans in villages. The EDF claims we see fewer bears, and that bears drown when hunting on smaller ice.. but bears do not hunt on that type of ice, and there is a massive seal population to feed them! The are also claiming that global warming is causing the polar bears to be nearing extinction. And asking for money. They give you cards with pictures of mother and baby to tear at your heart. The fact is that Polar bear numbers have increased dramatically from around 5,000-10,000 in the 1950s to maybe 25,000 today, higher than at any time in recent history. I get a lot of mail from animal groups, and this one is just so over the top! In a 4 page letter they claim that POLITICS not science is what is causing the anti-Co2/polar bear problem… that the BEST scientists KNOW we– mankind- are killing off the animals. the FACT is scientists are saying no such thing! In the mailer they include a stupid 10 point list of what to do to save the earth—as if the BILLIONS of people in China and India (who do none of these recycling task) can ever be overcome by a few thousand do-gooder bleeding heart Americens!! They a looking for phony support of the so-called “near extinction”” of polar bears in order to rake in contributions to people not paying too much attention. ANY quick scan of the web brings up many articles which show the opposite. Canada’s growing polar bear population ‘becoming a problem Polar bear counts up fivefold since 1970s These fast growing non-profit foundations are using ‘hot button’ causes to fill up their bank .. and I bet they also pay lobbyists in Washington D.C. Do a simple web searchon: “”Polar bear Count”” dozens of article will pop up showiing the FACTS. If people want to help animals take it directly to their LOCAL animal shelter or rescue group

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