New homeowner in Pasco County. Received a postcard saying water update and a message to call number listed within 72 hours and it was stamped Waste Water. Thought it was from county so I called and made appointment and was never once told this was a private company (shame on me for not asking the right questions). Bob K. came out and what a rude and obnoxious person! From the moment he set foot in our home, he did nothing but make one insulting remark after another. One of his remarks was, don’t worry, I explain this at 3rd grade level so you can understand. I was ready to throw him out on his rear end but let my husband handle him. The “water sample”” he took from our sink was tested right in our kitchen with what appeared to be a pool test kit. He didn’t even measure the number of drops he put in the beaker nor did he leave any information regarding the written report we were supposed to receive. When this company said we need a sample to test your water

I was thinking that the sample would’ve been taken to a testing facility for a thorough water analysis. Would not reccommend this company to anyone not because of their product

which I am sure does what it’s supposed to

but because of the misrepresentation and awful salesman.”

12304 Coronado Dr Spring Hill, Florida USA