I work at "Epic Web Results." It is an attorney marketing firm. I am the project manager and began noticing that my boss, Jon Reiter, was having our web master make an "Epic Home Repair" website. I didn’t see any issue with it until we started getting calls from this site. Jon claimed to be a contractor with 10+ years in the remodeling business. It was odd to me because I know his past was strictly in sales and online marketing.A few weeks passed and Jon was going to houses and attempting to hire illegal workers to do home repair work. When a potential client would call in, I would see Jon googling home repairs and answering their questions, seeming to have an idea of what he was doing. At one point, a disgruntled client called yelling about the poor work Jon’s men did. When Jon hung up, I asked if a client of "Epic Web" was unhappy – I wanted to help. That is one of my jobs as a project manager. He told me one of his side businesses had unqualified workers. I asked if the "Epic Home Remodeling" was legit and he told me it was none of my business. Fair.My concern is that the website, www.denverhomerepairguy.com/ is 100% FALSE. Jon never has done a home repair. At one point he even reached out to my father to do electric work, and has yet to pay him. That is a different issue. I sincerely worry about the homes he is being trusted with.Jon boasts this is his recent work: www.denverhomerepairguy.com/work/This is, once again, FALSE. He started this company roughly 3 weeks ago and these are all stock photos.I feel it’s my business because I see firsthand the scam going on here and I am concerned that hard-working people trust him.