Sent a rebate form in 3 weeks before the deadline. Their rejection letter was dated 1 day after the deadline. It was not postmarked until 10 days after that. By the time I got it back the letter suggested that I resend the forms but hopefully before the deadline had passed. Which was the day before they rejected it. Now doesn’t that sound weird? And they sent the letter 10 days after that! nAnyway – I used the forms from Fry’s which specifically stated that this form was to be used for the rebate. Epson rejected it saying that this form was not a “real”” receipt. ALL forms were filled out in a timely manner and they still just give the party line of “”the rebate center has rejected this because”” when you call them. nCnClackamas

OregonU.S.A.” Wilsonville, Oregon U.S.A.