I ordered Equinox Day & Night Serum & RVTL Anti-Aging cream by calling the number on an infomercial. It was supposed to be a Free Trial, only charging my account $4.95 shipping & handling. I received the product about 3 weeks later. I kept waiting for the charges to be deducted from my account, but it never was. All of a sudden, there was $198 missing from my checking account. I went to the bank to let them know I did not authorize these charges. They instructed me to call the company before filing a dispute of the charges. I called the company & was told that it was clearly stated on the website about the 14 day free trial & the charges that I would be charged if I did not cancel within the 14 day trial period. I tried to tell the person that I never went to a website & he kept repeating the same thing. I would never had purchased something like this for this amount of money. Even if I had authorized it, I didnt’ recieve the product until after the trial was up. During this conversation, I found out they were going to charge my account on a monthly basis for some outrageous amount. The agent told me they would refund me $40 on each product & that is all they would do, besides cancel the membership I never agreed to. My bank immediately cancelled my debit card. I told them I did not want $80 I wanted the full amount they stole from me. The agent just kept repeating the same thing, like he was reading something. They sent the $80 anyway the following week. I am on disability & would never authorize these kinds of charges from my account. I just thought for $4.95 I could treat myself to something that MIGHT work. I still have the unopened product. I was told not to return it at that time, because I was not going to get a refund anyway. After leaving the bank, I came home & looked up the products & to my surprise, found that I’m not the only person they did this to. It’s like they dont’ even acknowledge the infomercial. And dont’ even try to find the commercial on the internet. I have searched.

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