they told me that there is a government loan program to refinance your student loans. They told me that they would lower my payments and notify my current student loan servicer and let them know that they would handle the student loan. I noticed on my credit report a revolving charge for $1314.00 I did not agree to any revolving charge and when I called and told them that this is not what we agreed to they told me that they will not remove from credit. I am supposed to make first pmt in June 2016. The supervisor would not get on the phone and I also called my student loan co Nelnet and they told me that I am on a forbearance and that they do not know anything about it. Because Equitable told me that they would notify Nelnet I did not make any pmts and my pmts are now late.I believe this company is a scam and will not give them any money and they have my debit card number. I stopped the card with my bank. they were not refinancing my loan, there is no mention of the student loan on my credit report only a revolving charge. thank you