This is to detail an elaborate scam concocted by the lead mastermind Eric Hansen from Mountain View, Hawaii otherwise known as “Phoenix1969.u201d Other BitcoinTalk accounts associated with this scam may be u201cShogditeu201d


u201csuchmoonu201d and various other shills owned by these individuals. Disqus – Youtube – Google+ – Lisk – BitcoinTalk –;u=239126 BitcoinTalk –;u=123172 Eric Hansen and his partner at the time Shogdite launched a scam project called LetItRide at BitcoinTalk – They fraudently raised “”472.1676 BTC raised by 223 amazing backers”” (over 200

000 USD) as cited by their website. The scam went as follows

Using Eric Hansenu2019s reputable name “”Phoenix1969″” as he has been around a long time in the BitcoinTalk community and the Lisk community