This tool presented himself as a trustworthy friend who had been falsely accused of infidelity in the past. That should have been my first clue of many. He would complain about his wife, calling her fat, saying she would not do things he wanted her to and stuff. Conversations started to get more personal, clue 2 and he started talking about his sex life and giving me massages. Said we should go somewhere more private so no one saw. I am such an idiot. He got his way, told me he loved me and then made sure that all of our mutual friends found out but then blamed me!I found out that he has done this repeatedly, leaving a trail of broken families in the past. I guess some guy played with his a$$ when he was 13 so he feels it is justified. He should not be in the church. I hope this saves his next victim but doubt it. What was I thinking?image.jpg (6 KB)