Eric McCrery of Fort Collins is one of the shadiest con-artists I’ve ever encountered. As proof positive of this, do some research and find out why he no longer is allowed to work at The Group in Fort Collins and find out why his common law wife, Kristi Allison aka Kristi Hoburg aka Kristi McCrery (also change Kristi with Kristine for additional variations) nearly simultaneously no longer works at Jay Stoner’s company Stoner Homes.Do the math. It’s easy to see why you should not employ a person like this with such low ethics. I know from personal experience that this weasel has no regard for certain rules by which decent people and especially decent business people abide by.If you encounter McCrery, document EVERYTHING and play by all the rules, because you definitely don’t want to be involved in any criminal investigations that he’s involved in. Trust me. Stay away from this guy. You’ll thank me!

Fort Collins, Colorado United States of America


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