Everyone meet this disgusting piece of trash, Erica Newton. She was someone I loved and trusted with everything, even though I had watched her do this to several other people. She WAS my cousin! || Ok so here’s a little back story. I meet her when I was 4 and she was 10 my mother married her uncle and we lived together on and off throughout the years. I actually looked up to this bitch, followed her and her friends around I thought she was so cool wanted to be like her when I was a little girl. Fast forward 10 years, my other cousin on the other side of my family was pregnant and Erica started coming around pretending to be her friend and screwing her baby’s dad while everyone was asleep. I also seen her do this to at least 3 of her close friends, for some reason none of this ever changed the way I felt towards her. || Anyways fast forward to March 2008, I was now 18, me and my husband, boyfriend at the time, had just had a beautiful baby girl that died only a few days later. So being so depressed we decided to have another baby right away and that’s exactly what we did. Come January we welcomed another beautiful baby girl and everything was perfect our so I thought. February comes and one day I tried to get online and my husband hadn’t logged off and that’s when my world came crashing down. I found multiple messages between the 2 of them going back to Christmas day of 2008, that day we had gotten into a huge fight that ended in me going to my mother’s for the night so we could both cool down. That night she starts messing me telling me to leave him and how I deserve better and he’ll never be the man I need him to be etc. At the exact same time she was messaging him telling him to leave me that I was all drama and how I’ve always been crazy. As I was reading I was in disbelief! I remember thinking this isn’t happening she wouldn’t do this to me and neither would he. The more I read the more I felt my heart bring ripped from my chest, she pursued him and he was disgusting enough to go for it. They only spent one night together.  I read all the messages leading up to it and after it, she wanted more but he got his ass was done with her, but that’s all they needed to destroy my life. I immediately packed mine and my daughters things and left. I also called her and told her I knew she screwed him she tried to deny it of course and I told her I had all the messages and I made sure to forward them all to myself and I could send them to her if she needed me to refresh her memory. I told her to just leave me alone and I never wanted anything to do with her ever again. As much as I hated her I didn’t want to hurt her because I loved her kids and I knew with the life she was living karma would get her. I kicked her out of my life completely and so did he so we could try to make it work. || It is now 4 years later and I’m still with him and we have a great relationship and it gets better and better every day. People can change and it’s taken a long time and he is now the wonderful man I knew he could be. He has worked very hard to earn my trust back and I am happy to say I trust him. I do still think about it from time to time and it still hurts but in the end I get the last laugh. I have a grassy life and she is in prison! She gets out in November and I’m going to make sure I send her the link once her story is posted. I do hope that when she gets out she gets her shit together and becomes the mother she should be to her kids, for their sake and so my grandmother can finally get some rest and enjoy her retirement! || What I don’t understand is how can someone be so evil and try to take what is mine when she seen everything I have been through. She watched me bury my daughter months before but did she care NO! She uses the excuse”I love sex there’s nothing wrong with that” newsflash bitch it is when the person is taken! She prefers taken men, she sees this as a challenge and it makes her feel better about herself, it doesn’t make you better than anyone because you can take someone’s man it makes you a whore! And honestly, she’s never really taken anyone! They only use her for sex then go running back home, that’s why she’s still single with all these kids, all different dads, who were all taken when she got pregnant.