I had issues with Erie when they started. First 2 different sets of materials were dropped off in October. I heard from no one til I started calling them in November. When I did finally get in touch with someone they didn’t even realize they were to put on a roof. They thought they were just doing the insulation in my attic. Once that issue was straightened around, they came back and removed the shingles. The next day it was supposed to rain, but they said that it would be fine since they had the plastic sheeting Erie uses up. Water poured in my kitchen and dining area. The local contractor stated they would come out and fix the issue, but never showed up. So I had someone else fix my issues and submitted the bills to my insurance company. Now after 2 years my roof that is guaranteed not to leak is leaking. I will never do business with them again! In this area they are offering gas cards and free stuff to get people to sign up. Don’t do it!!!!

4271 Monroe St Toledo, Ohio United States of America



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