In May 2016, my husband was contacted via FB message by his ex girlfriend of 10 years ago. The story goes she was looking for help “finding her brother”, and for some reason in the ten years that lapsed since they last spoke she hadn’t made any new resourceful contacts. From my understandings, she is a FEDERAL air traffic controller and her HUSBAND was in the army. Why should reached out to my husband, a NYC detective, was all an excuse. My husband made the decision to aid her in what he could and claimed he didn’t trust her with his cell phone number so gave her an email address if her had a future concerns regarding her brothers search. In a June 2016, Erin send my husband a video of her up-close and personal masturbating with a toy. The email’s subject was “you’re one lucky bastard lol”. When I confronted her and asked why my husband was so lucky, she responds was “I can’t give you a reason, you’re husband didn’t know I was going to send that I did it for attention”. Can someone explain what that means????? Attention from a married man???? I think she should give that attention to your son and husband, whom my heart goes out to! Beware for ERIN M. TRACY DOMINI. DOB: 11/07.