I feel angry still to this day, and want to warn my fellow sisters in the struggle to keep your man honest and faithful to keep him away from this whore. Start date was sometime in Feb before Valentines day. Not sure of true date so I put the 1st but it was after that. Reason I remember is cause I was separated from my ex husband on Valentines day. From what a good friend told me she saw my husband and his friends at club 51 wharf in Portland Maine. Nothing wrong with that I was busy taking care of the kiddos, and I thought”Why not let him have a few with his friends and have a good time?” He just got done working his ass off getting his law degree in college. So Iast thing I remember before he left, he gave me a hug told me he loved me and drove off with a few of his friend to Portland to have a good time.The plan was to go to the sports pub in Portland, but I did not think anything was wrong. Mean while I am stuck home with two kids, and a dog that chews everything in sight. Well I am getting off topic here on a rant lol. sorry. So like I was saying my friend, told me he was at the club. I told him I know. (This was on the phone threw text). Wish I still had the texts messages. He then told me that some girl was all over him, and was with him most of the night, and he would keep an eye on him for me. I had trust issues before due to my previous marriage but I was determined to over come them. I stayed at home with my kiddos. I got a text a little latter saying that she was making out with my husband, and grabbing his junk. I called up my best friend Nicole. || It was so late, but I told her what was going on. She said come drop my kiddos off at her house. So I changed my clothes, dropped off my kiddos, and proceeded to the club. I met my friend at the bar, and asked him where my husband was. He told me they should have been on the dance floor. I looked around did not find him. So I went outside to find his truck see if he was still around. I call it a truck but it’s really a tahoe. When I got closer I noticed the truck moving slightly. I look threw the side window to see the whore completely naked on top riding my husband in the backseat. I started kicking and slamming the side of the door. I was furious crying and pissed off at the same time. I then told him to get out, and that his whore better leave. I sat on the ground in tears, and to also trying to calm down so I would not do anything stupid to the slut. He gets his pants on and gets outside, and started to apologize to me. And the dumb slut gets out starts coming around the car. I recognized her. I knew her from while back she used to work at the smoke shop. I talked to her a few times I went there, and also hung out with her a few times when I lived in Brunswick and even had her on my Facebook! I tried to fight her she was saying she didn’t know and was sorry, and my husband held me back from beating her ass. I can not remember what I was saying I was so pissed. That pretty much sums it all up Erinn Bentson is a whore that fucks men married or not, and from what I hear from people that know her, she gets around. Here is some pictures I took of her facebook.