Complaint: so in order to send the problem to their customer support, I had to make another listing , Ive been asking them ove 3 months to combine both of my listings, and and answer my questions, to resolve my issue, and how to edit my add , they completley ignore me and went ahead and edited my add and on appearance the added “RANCID”” I cant’ get into my lsting to change it or take down my listing..Ive been an escort over 10 years and have over a million viewers

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Address: with 5 star reviews

Website: they left it and edited my appearance as “”RANCID”” didnt combime my 2 and it’s been over 3 months..!! I’m afraidI will not be able to remove my lsiting sicne they are ignoreing me and editing

Phone: and thier trying to take the place of Back page and are failing miserably..!! I’m at a lost and want to save my reputation before it goes down the tube with this company..!! They have stolen reviews and pictures form other providers and are very dishionest..!!YOU can’t call them and you have no idea where they are located..It’s a real mess nd very scary..Please help ..!! They are abusing providers listigns by taking thier listings and using their pictures