Complaint: I received a response from sending out my resume on The company was eservglobal. The person’s name was James Hume his title interview manager. I was asked questions. My job title was explained to me. The company’s expectations were explained, benefits package, the hours and days I could hour and how much I would make an hour. Good sale!!!Then I was told I would receive a package the next day when get notify him. I did, I was instructed to go an ATM deposit cashier’s check in the amount of $2,500.00. Then send someone named Antonio Lawson $1k then in 10 mins another $1k and $300. He was gracious enough to tell me to keep $200 as sign on and obedience bonus. Now this Lawson guy was suppose to be the vendor but he lives in Colorado. I have reported this to my local police and I have talked to my bank. Basically I’ve been scammed and there is nothing much the authorities can do.

Tags: Bad Check Writers

Address: Nationwide USA