Complaint: My son moved into this community and i will have to say this company only cares about the rent. The place is managed by fear only and i mean only money motivated, They sweet talk you to get you in but once your in if you didnt read the fine print your screwed. These greedy money hingry frumps will drive you nuts with there silly rules and restrictions in this community. When you move here you will be visited by the tow company that probaly shares profits with these grubbers. The corporate office are even worse they dont return calls and again these type of people are the dreggs of the earth, I understand they deal with alot of people and their issues but for them to completely ignore the feelings and finances of the people that pay their salaries is obnoxious. Dog urine on the walls throughout sometimes dog crap in the hallway and the maintenace sucks. This place is a NASTY [;ace to live i fell for anyone that has to live here. If you see this report and you move in you deserve what you get this place cannot survive very long. I promise you they will sell this palce as there are no good reviews of this dump and the frumps that work there.

Tags: Neighborhood Services

Address: 1515 Katella Anaheim, California USA


Phone: 8664843713