Complaint: Ref: You are offered 0.10 US cents for each add your view. From the moment you have 150 USD you are eligible to request your funds to your paypal or bank account. Ones you try that, you get a condition that you need to have minimum 40 referrals before they will pay you out! If you are not able to attract 40 referrals, offers through a Bitcoin/block-chain purchase to by a number (minimum 40) of referrals to obtain release of your funds. offers you to buy in a package a number of referrals for an amount of 9-12 USD, payment only possible in Bitcoin. When you make a payment to make use of this offer, you never receive confirmation of payment, neither receive the referrals, with other words, you lost the money. When you ask or post a comment, they simply ignore you. As all alternative options for possible communication has been used, it became obvious that this is definitly a case of internet fraud. Note: Evidence of payments and attempted communication are available upon request. (also posted on the support page of

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