Below is the lower portion of the email, and again, nothing ever came of it. It reminds me of the person that demonstrated a vacuum in my home, then gave me a voucher for Disney tickets, when I tried to redeem it, I never received a thing, not even a kiss me arse letter. These places need to be put out of business…. it sucks to think that they weasel their way into people’s lives and are so good at the scam that some actually fall for it. I almost did. nETourandTravel is a licensed, bonded ARC Accredited Travel Agency in the State of Florida since 1992 (ACN: 10-77758-3). ARC-accredited Travel Agencies are premium professional Travel organizations having met the rigorous financial, personnel and ticket-security requirements and successfully completed stringent training and specialist testing, ARC-accredited Agencies demonstrate a commitment to the health and growth of their businesses and to the Travel industry as a whole. nCrazy rednToronto, OntarioCanada

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