Complaint: All that akc document says is that the matter will be handled between Amanda and Billy(which she lied and did nothing afterwords except run her mouth), and akc will not be involved anymore, so where is consumer# 3, getting that they did a full investigation, if it was never even finished. Forgery is a crime you know. She shouldn’t have signed his name, no one has that right. The charges have already been pressed. There’s no turning back now. When I contacted akc about the matter they said they could not pursue the matter as long as court proceedings are in progress. Maybe she should learn how to honor her commitments instead of lying and cheating others. I have yet to believe all the countless tales canceled checks, sick dogs, gossiping about other breeders that she calls her friends, stealing people’s puppy deposits, threatening emails on her behalf, She definitely has a lot to say about others, but there are a lot of people that have a lot to say about her too. This matter is about her practices. If you bought a dog from her and it turned out okay, that’s great, but what about the others that where not as fortunate. This said Akira dog was being sold back to Amanda (THE BREEDER OF THE DOG) on account of it’s Health Issues. I wanted to purchase the dog until I saw the endless vet bills from the previous owner before Billy. Funny story according to Amanda is that she bred this dog immediately after procession. She was told the dog just went out of heat recently but she registered a said litter of pups that belong to that said dog….hhhhmmmmm?

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Address: Diamond, Missouri United States of America