I recently bought a very expensive Canada Goose from Europe Bound in Toronto (just a few weeks ago). I was given great recommendations by their staff how warm the coat was and that this would be my coat for life. I purchased the jacket and wore it out a few times. I found I was feeling a draft when I wore the coat so I had to put on 2-3 layers to even feel somewhat warm in the coat.A few days ago I entered the store at the Front Street location and the salesperson indicated that I couldn’t return the coat unless all the tags were on it and it had NOT ever been worn. I was still within my 14 day return policy and I questioned why, considering I had to wear the coat to figure out that it was NOT warm at all. She just shrugged and said that was their policy.Today is the coldest day so far this year and I called Europe Bound to ask whether I could exchange it (knowing I was within my 30 days exchange). They were firm on their policy and said unless I had the original tags they could not restock it. And since it had been worn there was no way anybody would buy it.I again argued that it had been worn only 3 times. As well, I was told them that how would I know if it was warm enough if I hadn’t worn it. I realize I didn’t have the original tags but the coat looks as good as new. They didn’t want to even meet me half way for a $700 coat that I was not convinced was worth the money. I just wanted a warmer coat and I don’t see the issue. Canada Goose is one product that is just OK — if I’m buying a sleek WARM coat (Kensington) that also looks good I better be getting what I paid for. That is what they promised me. It amazes me that these little guys (I understand that Sears will take my receipt without the tags with no issues) would NOT go out of their way to make things right for their customer. I am extremely appalled by the way I’ve been treated. The guy at the store even encouraged me to sell it on eBay and get more than I what I’ve paid for it. What a way to shirk responsibility! You guys are a sorry bunch. Do NOT go to Europebound. They will NOT work with you. They stand by their policies and DON’T care about you, the customer. I work in social media and I know this channel very well. This is my first time saying something “bad”” about a company. It stands to reason that what goes around comes around!”

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