Complaint: ARROGANT SHADY DISREPUTABLE, UNETHICAL, and UNSCRUPULOUS CHEATER !!!!! In April 2014. I was sued $2000 for an accident that happened when I travelled to Las Vegas. As I refuse to pay this outrageous claim, I contacted Prestige Lawyers group and spoke with Michelle Pacconi who is the Director of Firm Operations. Michelle took the case but lateru2026and I mean MUCH LATER I find out that one of the partners, Evan Wishengrad has taken my case. During this time I had talked to him no more than 3 times and spoke to his office assistant Briana probably 3 times, all of which, besides two were incoming calls from his office! Come to find out that in order for him to continue my case he is now requesting that I pay a $8,000.00 retainer before he finishes my $2,000.00 lawsuit. Iu2019m guessing that EVERYTIME I talk to him he tacks on another thousand just to say hello. I don’t recommend this get rich quick arrogant shady lawyer to anyone if they want results. He will have his office operators sit on your case for weeks while racking up lawyer fees until you are finally fed up with the lies. I havenu2019t paid him in a few months, but I have gotten numerous letters and threatening phone calls from Prestige Lawyers group demanding I pay the $8,000 I u201cOWEu201d them. I would call that BLACKMAIL since they are threatening to sue me. What a plot twistu2026the lawyer who sues his own clients! BE AWARE OF HIRING THIS LAWYER!

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Phone: 702-451-9474