This two timing slore cheated on her military fiancé with a married man. 3 days after meeting my husband she decided to seduce and sleep with him. While he was in Colorado working construction his family back home was waiting for him. He got into plenty hot water too. She later asked him to move in with her and though he had to send money to his wife and kids she thought of him as a free ride and had him paying for everything and guilt tripping him when he told her he couldn’t. After being confronted by the wife she claimed she didn’t know and though the married man left and broke things off she continued to call and reach out to him and continued to seduce and sleep with him. She even went as far as to tell the wife she was pregnant and would be having the baby. All this time her clueless fiancé was in boot camp sending her money as well. After 3 months that she was being ignored by the married guy she sent a message to the wife saying she had had a late abortion and that if was all her fault because she didn’t let her husband go and allow him to be happy. A week later her fiancé returned from basic training none the wiser to her deceit. As far as I know she’s still messing around with other men while her fiancé was deployed because guess what you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife.