I was dealing with a local broker who dealt directly with these people. This is a high risk business lender with ridiculously high interest and my credit is not as great as it once was. I have a popular BBQ restaurant and needed some capitol for a better sign, some new equipment, etc. After jumping through hoop after hoop for them, being grilled about things in my business and personal bank accounts, and generally being talked to like I am a 6 year old, this company backed out at the 11th hour!! Their reason? December revenue is lower than the last three months that showed growth each one. December slows down for the holidays! Everyone, including people NOT in business know this. Unless you are in a food court at the mall, December will be one of you weakest months. But these guys seem to want absolutely no risk and a guaranteed horse. Well, that are what banks are for. We do not need them if they want great credit, no debt, and large sales every month. These people will waste your time, as they did mine. I will be creating a website to tell my story and make sure no one else falls for their shenanigans.

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