This is a company that preys on unaware and unsuspecting people that have no idea if they actually owe a debt or not. They are what is known as a “junk debt buyer”, who scours the trash in the debt collection world for cheap debts which they can get for pennies, and then call to threaten people about paying them. The agents they use are crudely trained to not give out any information about the company, and they will not hesistate to become defensive and rude to you if you ask them even a single question. The best thing you can do if you are contacted by the lowlifes is to not pay them anything, and immediately file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. They even use call forwarding services to make it appear like they are calling you from an area code near your own, rather than using their own toll-free telephone number. This alone is a dead giveaway for a SCAM company. Do not be intimidated by their empty threats or their rude and uneducated teleph

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