I was contacted at work to be informed that I have a loan that was unpaid from 2011, it was a time sensitive matter or a warrant would be placed in my county in 72 hours (7/31/2015). Paul Lynch claimed to be with Evergreen Acquisitions and provided a phone number (202-545-7100) and address for his company (1718 M Street, Washington DC [which cross checks back as a UPS Store]), and the name of the original creditor and company they "bought the loan from". None of these companies I am familiar with, and none show on my credit report (that was just obtained 2 weeks ago). He refused to provide a website or business license number for his company, but was very pushy about me needing to make payment arrangements before the warrant was served. I asked him to discontinue calling me at work. He then contacted my ex-husband, his name was Brian Lynch, and indicated he was calling from First Bank of Delaware and asked if he knew how to reach me before a warrant was issued for this unpaid debt. (I verified with my ex the phone number that was called from was the same, though the company name had changed.) — Note: It is against FTC regulations to contact a third party attempting to gain information already in one’s possession.I contacted the Original Creditor, whom they claim I owe money to, and the company had no record of me at all, let alone a past due account. I’ve reported to FTC and State Attorney General.They have also continued calling my place of employment, even after being asked to stop.