I had found this product through a newsletter that I receive from Unify.org. They had recommended the item. I was quite interested in it and it seems that there was enough tested products as they have youtube videos and good information. (now looking back, its quite easy to imposter all of this of course). I just figure it was safe as it initially came from a third party.The page that states all of the staff for this Vancouver start up seem to be real people too.The product is for digitizing your heart-rate and via that emotions:Digitize Your EmotionsThe rhythmic beating patterns of the heart change significantly as we experience different emotions.Measure Your Heart FieldThe heart generates by far the most powerful and most extensive rhythmic electromagnetic field produced in the body.Control Your Heart RhythmIt is the rhythm, rather than the rate, that is most directly related to emotional dynamics and physiological synchronization.I opted for a pre-order to save money on the product when it came out and have heard nothing back except the response email after I purchased it:Thank you for your purchase!Hi _______, we’re getting your order ready to be shipped. We will notify you when it has been sent.I have heard nothing back. I have tried to contact them through the contact page, and even went at far as to contact unify.org with no response.Now, I don’t mind that the product is going to take time to release, I do mind that I am unable to get any sort of contact with them. I paid in the end of November 2018 and its now June 2019.