Complaint: we contacted direct tv for service to our new home and were sent to excede internet for our internet services. First we were not provided with a router we had to purchase this separate on our own then for the first 2days we really couldn’t get online as it just stopped working after a couple min. Repeatedly!!! So after we had the service for 5 days I decided to check our internet usage on the website and it stated we had exceeded the 20gb allowed and would need to purchase more!!! I assumed this had to be some mistake because we weren’t even able to get on the first couple days for more than a couple minutes and then once we were able to use the service it was only used for a small amount of time looking up stuff for a school project for one of the kids, except when my husband watched Netflix during what was suppose to be free time from 12am to 5am. I called the company to find answers and the employee was very rude and could not tell me how we had used the allowed data (I am positive we did not use this much and were being scammed).The employee cont to attempt to bully me into purchasing additional data packages and when I stated I wanted to cancel the service I was threatened with huge early cancellation fees. After 5days!!! It isn’t like we had used the service for any length of time. I am disgusted by this company and by direct t.v. For recommending them!!!

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