I responded to an online job that emailed to me. I was asked to provide a copy of my ultimate bill for proof of address, photo of myself with ID in hand. A contract was sent to me offering me the position as a courier. The included details of a 30 day probationary period and offer of 401k and health benefits available after the 30 days. I received packages and re-labeled them and sent them through Fed Ex. The supervisor called me each day every day. I worked every day. I received texts about packages and tracked all. The end of my 30 day period I asked about my payment and all phone numbers and emails and access to the portal I used were all disconnected. I was supposed to receive. Lump payment each month, 3rd week of the month. I verified the business with ScamPulse.com and Google prior to working for these people. Now they are non-existent and I have no job, and no income.