Laurence from Exclusive Leads in Beaumont Texas says he provides scrubbed, exclusive, and verified hot mortgage leads and can send them to you in real time. He claims he calls on behalf of your company and that an LO will get back with the client ASAP. When you actually call the lead, they havnt looked into financing in 6 months or more and they NEVER spoke to anyone on behalf of your company so all you are doing is wasting your time and money! He now accepts payment thru PAypal which makes it harder to get your money back! He will also provide 2 references from mortgage companies in the US. One is Tim Wilson from Winterwood Mortgage and the other is Steve Daft from Liberty Mortgage. Tim Wilson only sounds like he is in on the scam as he starts pitching you on how good Laurence is and you should use him. And started asking me when i planned on buying from him? I did not reach Steve Daft. DO NOT buy from this company. $1400 wasted on 2 names. He stopped sending leads after 1 day and we put a dispute in with Paypal.

875 N 5th St Beaumont, Texas USA


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