Executive resort solutions , Cindy baez, Marco Reyez and some other that i don’t remember, they asked me to invest some money in the weeks that I have in a timeshire in Orlando, I paid them $2500 for 12 weeks and 1500 for the state tax,.They told me I was going to get $1500 per week which adds to $18,000, and I haven’t received anything. They keep calling me and telling me that everything was going well, yes they keep calling for 5 month until they stoped calling I try to call them but is impossible to connect with them. I file a report with the FTC but I have not hear from them. I think this people need to go to jail, that is why I decided to file a report, I might never get my money back, but this is to warn the public about Executive Resort Solution. Hope somebody can do something about this fpeople.

5526 Hansel ave Orlando, Florida United States

407 955 5981

5526 Hansel Ave, Orlando fl. 32809

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