This afternoon 2 women rang the doorbell at my apartment in Lincoln Park. When I answered they claimed to be Exelon employees although they didn’t have Exelon uniforms or badges. They claimed that they were here to correct an error with my bill, saying that I may have been wrongly charged 3 line items on my most recent ComEd bill related to electricity supply. When I asked why I hadn’t gotten an email about the charge or the visit they said that they work for the supplier (Exelon) not the producer (ComEd) so they didn’t have direct access to my account.They asked me to log into my ComEd account on my phone and show them my bill which I refused to do. I asked if I could request a reimbursement online or by phone and they said the only way to get compensation and get the charges removed from my bill was to work with them in person at which point I ended the conversation.