Internet – PayPal Fraud


My Complaint: The above company and individual ordered electronics components from our company (Elite Ware, registered in Nevada). The order was processed in two separate transactions, two days apart. We sent him two invoices that he verified and approved. In addition, he confirmed the shipping address via Skype messages that we recorded. We shipped the products in two boxes
via FedEx. They were received and the FedEx Shipment Bill was signed at the time of delivery.
The order was processed through the Buyer’s PayPal account, and the payment was scheduled prior to shipment. The shipping address and is different from the one registered on the Buyer’s PayPal Account.

Upon receiving the shipment, the Buyer filed a claim of non-delivery at PayPal and cancelled the order.
PayPal reversed the transaction. We called PayPal and tried to resolve the issue with the Buyer. He asserts
that he did not receive the products. We opened a claim of fraud with PayPal, Case # PT003004449393. The PayPal Agent, Jessica with Phone Extension 79789, checked this Buyer’s account and records. She told us that other similar complaints have been filed
on this Buyer. She initiated a request to block this Buyer’s PayPal Account named [email protected].

Buyer’s Name: Bill Dee
Home Address:
7740 Pine Fork Dr.
Orlando, FL 32837

Address of Recipient on Shipping Bill
XPhone Repair
Address: 5032 Capital Circle #2
Tallahassee, FL 32305


My Demand: Full payment of our invocies