Six months in advance, I booked a December flight from Seattle to Phoenix for $400. One month later, I had to change that flight to go to Atlanta instead. nI did a lot of searching, date, and price calcuation on Expedia’s site– making sure to keep the flights on the same airline as I already knew of their horrid “no cancellations

only credit on the airline you originally booked”” policy. I had the American Airlines flight numbers I wanted in hand when I made a mid-afternoon call to Expedia to change the flight. nThe agent told me of the $75 change fee

and then when I read him the flight numbers

he said that he couldn’t find them. I told him that I was looking at them right now on my screen and that I’d just pulled them up in Expedia’s search engine. He said that the airlines’ listings are often “”old and haven’t updated yet”” and then “”found”” some flights for me that were several hours longer and about a hundred bucks more expensive. I declined and said I’d call back the next day in the hope of more accurate booking prices. nThe next day

I did the process all over again– except that day