Never ever ever use EXPEDIA MEXICO or USA, you may think that you are getting a great deal or saving time etc, but trust me in the end you are NOT!If you book airline tickets directly with the airlines you are given way more rights, have much more control of your booking than with EXPEDIA! Once Expedia has your booking you are not allowed to change, cancel any more of your booking, whereas, with the airlines directly not only can you maybe hold the booking for 24 hrs but you can change or cancel as well.Two days ago, by a misunderstanding we accidentally booked flights on EXPEDIA with American Airlines and booked in January but thought it was December, 10 hours after booking we realized our mistake and called American Airlines to find out their policies for this and see if we can not change it. They said had we booked through them directly online then YES we could at no costs, but since we stupidly used EXPEDIA MEXICO we had to go through them but could not see a problem with this. Expedia USA will change or cancel in a 24 hour period, and said that EXPEDIA worldwide was the same with the same policies so there should be no problem, and that is what we thought by using Expedia Mexico which we are automatically directed to when we search because we live in Mexico and thought this was best. But NO NO NO they said we can only change or cancel up to 10pm that same day, we were a couple of hours over this but still under the 24 hour period. They would not change or cancel our booking without charges (that obviously they would pocket all money because American Arline’s did not charge). It would cost us $700-USD to change to the month earlier on the same dates, and yes there was a small increase in far which would have been ok if that was only the cost, it would cost us $500USD to buy a whole new ticket. Even to cancel EXPEDIA MEXICO was going to charge us to cancel plus then we would be charged more from American Airlines to re-issue the tickets. So no matter what we do we can do nothing simply because we were so stupid as to book with EXPEDIA MEXICO. I called American Airlines and had both EXPEDIA MEXICO on the line at the same time because the operator (Joseph) from EXPEDIA MEXICO wanted to hear for himself the policy of American Airlines, the agent told him we could change and did not understand why EXPEDIA MEXICO was refusing to do this for us, she said to talk to a manager, which he told me he was, and ask for a Sales Support Waiver to make the change, the agent Joseph hung up on both her and me, now you tell me what kind of service is this?Now we leave the ticket unused and just buy a complete new one with American Airlines directly. What is this for Customer Service? EXPEDIA MEXICO does not care and they wonder why in a couple of years they will be no existent, why use them when you have more benefits booking directly with the airlines and the cost is the same?AA Record Locator – USDVISExpedia Itinerary number – 7306666777265

Solidaridad, Quintana Roo Mexico

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