Expedia’s call centers use deceptive practices by hiding its identity behind and automated greeting of “International Reservations”” or they start with dial 1 for new reservations

2 for existing etc. leading one to believe it is the hotel reservations call center (i.e.

Holiday Inn answers

“”Intercontinental Hotel Groups.”” If you ask for a corporate discount that you normally get they will lie and tell you it is not available because the hotel is full and not accepting corporate discounts. Actually

they are not authorized to offer the discount. After you have booked if you want to make a change and call the hotel directly they will tell you you booked through Expedia and they cannot assist with any changes. I was informed by the hotel staff that Expedia is using sites that look like their hotel site to lure you in to calling their call centers then proceed with their deceptive practice of not disclosing their company name. When you call Expedia they will tell you you cannot get a refund for changing the reservation to a shorter stay because the hotel will not allow it