This started back in January Before the MLK weekend. I went on line through experiences app to use our points of 300,000 to get a room with the kids on the weekend. Found out that I had a charge on my credit card from an unknown company for over $1000, I never authorized the charge and fought it with my credit edit card company. Then about Tuesday before the Friday we were going Welks called and said that I couldnu2019t use my points and that they were charging me with a 3rd party, I stated I didnu2019t authorize it and told them to cancel it. Next thing I know is that they couldnu2019t get all their money back and wanted me to pay for it. I told them that the individuals that they use told us we could use our points to rent hotels and that they should never have been trying to charge me without authorization. I have been paying my account and before through the app. I have paid the accounts and when I tried to login and my account says that it is inactive and locked and that they have reported to credit bureaus that I am delinquent and never contacted me. I have been calling and there is never anyone available or infrequent call backs. What is the issue and why is the services dept not available to talk to.

Nevada United States

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