purchased new rv. Was not told at the time it had the roof replaced due to hail damage. We had it one month before it was placed back in shop and another roof installed. Camper still leaks. Contacted explore USA and told them of problem. Explained we live in camper. Waited for manager to call me back. No response from manager or district manager from fort Worth as on vacation and in meeting. Was told by asst manager someone would call. Still no call. Called kyle location to get corporate number. Was told they could not give the number out they would have the district manager call me back. he himself did come out did not bring anyone with him to look at it did say he had 10 years of experience in the service industry I thought that that would be sufficient to make a determination. we showed him the roof and provided ladder so he could get closer look. we also showed him the spot that we had backed into a tree when we first got to Austin and we had someone come out and look at it and we were told that it was not any damage it was merely cosmetic The next time I inquired He informed me that I needed to bring it in for the service manager to get involved that the owner felt like there was a problem with that particular spot where the tree had scraped the roof and he wanted it looked at I said fine but I did not feel like that was the problem I schedule the time to take the camper in at 10 o’clock on Thursday morning I scheduled to take off work I said I wanted to speak with the owner prior to coming in. they told me they were not allowed to give out the phone number but they would give me his email address. I asked they have him call me. they wanted me to speak with the manager in Fort Worth since that’s the person I had spoken with originally when we purchased the camper and I felt we had been lied to from the beginning. I spoke with the fort Worth manager and he stated he would speak with Mr Booker. After that I received an email from Mr Booker telling me not to bring my camper to any of his locations since I had such distrust for him and his staff and that it would be better we parted ways

Interstate 35 Fort Worth , Texas USA


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