I decided to try Exposed Skin Care because I was not having much sucess with other skin care products. nI was hesitant to sign up for it due to the fact that there is no physical address and no contact number. I was afraid that if the product did not work I would not be able to obtain a refund. nAgainst my better judgement, I filled out the customer form and ordered the Exposed Skin Care kit. I signed up for the membership as it caused the product to be slightly less expensive. This required that my credit card number be maintained with my account information. I was unaware that I was actually signing up for a subscription that would charge my card approximately every two months. nAfter receiving the product, I was reasonably happy with it and thought that it worked well. nAfter about two months of use, I received an e-mail indicating that my credit card would be charged and the products would be sent. I decided that I would allow the charge and shipment, but that I needed to cancel the subscription after that point. I was receiving products before I was finished using the previous ones. nI decided that it would be best if I order at my own pace. nI attempted to cancel the subscription, but the link indicated that my password was incorrect. This was not true so I e-mailed the company asking them to cancel my subscription. nI received what appeared to be an automatic e-mail indicating that my subscription and order had be cancelled. nI e-mailed the company to determine how my refund would be issued since the card they had charged had been stolen and cancelled. I did not want to put the new card number in the account, because I do not trust this company. nI e-mailed the company approximately 3 more times regarding this question, but received no response other than an apparently automatic e-mail indicating that my order had been cancelled. nIn these e-mails, I even indicated that if they wanted to ship the product that would be fine. nI attempted to call a phone number listed on my bank statement. It connected me to a message system at the company. I left a message and have received no further reply. nI am really disappointed. The product apparently works, so why the shady business practice? I had been planning to purchase more product, but I won’t now. nRachelnPhoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.

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