Complaint: Express Scripts does not understand good customer service NOR goodwill. It’s like the movie Erin Brochovich, where one department says ‘yes’ and the other department says ‘no’. Express Scripts filled a new Rx with expensive non-formulary Brand Name drug; instead of filling with generic (both named on Rx). Pharmicists did not call doctor or customer when deciding to ship expensive brand name vs. generic (both named on Rx; and, no check mark ‘Dispense As Written’). They charged without permission, my credit card on file (used for phone refills only). When received, I called immediatedly. Customer Service (Norma) said: have Dr call pharmicist, explain we wanted generic, issue $120 credit, send shipping label to customer for return of brand-name. Dr called. Pharmicist’ says NO. Again, we call Customer Service (Nailin, Supr) and got same approval process. Dr office called and Pharmicist’ says NO. Again, we call Customer Service (Christine) and got same approval process. We transfer to Pharmicist’ DAVE (***hole), he says NO again. We transfer back to Customer Service (Ryan, then Dee, then Shay, Supr) and got same approval process. DEE or SHAY called Pharmicist’ who still says NO. Like the movie, one deptment policy says ‘yes’; they other dept says ‘no’. I told them, several times, that I’m not taking the new expensive ‘brand name’ (need to return unused), and, I’m out of previous generic heart medicine, that if I die waiting (or from stress from this hassle), MY WIFE SHOULD SUE EXPRESS SCRIPTS.

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