Complaint: I am retired from the Air Force and entitled to receive medications for home delivery through Tricare who uses Express Scripts. Through them I can get 3 month supplies much cheaper that the local pharmacies. I have had nothing but problems with ES (express scripts) from the very beginning. My doctors fax the prescriptions to ES and get confirmation of delivery but over half the time ES says they did not get the faxes, then I have to get the doctor to write me a 30 day prescription to be filled locally at greater expense to me while the doctor sends the faxes again. At one point, for 2 of my medications, I had a huge unused supply and called ES to have them stop automatic refill until the supply was at normal levels and then I would call them to have auto refills started again. I did this to save the government and taxpayers money. Called ES to reactivate the 2 meds and ES said I would get them within 2 weeks. After about 10 days no email saying the meds had been shipped so called ES again and they said the meds were shipped and I had received them. Asked to speak to a “supervisor””

Tags: Pharmacies

Address: waited 16 minutes

Website: so please to authorize the local refill. Later that day went to local pharmacy and they said the 2 meds were not approved for refill. Came home and called ES again and explained the whole story and was told the 2 meds were shipped and I had received them and therefore ES could not pay for more for 3 months Asked to speak to supervisor again and waited about 20 mins and was then cut off. At this point I was boiling mad went to their website to find someone to complain to

Phone: she comes to the phone and immediately starts rudely and continously saying I had the meds. I actually had to “”overshout”” her to say my side of the story which she did not want to hear. I asked to speak to her supervisor and was told she didn’t have one and there was no one else to talk to above her. I said BS and that I would find out who was above her and when I explained how she was treating me and refusing to bump me up the line