Complaint: I was able to get through fairly quickly to customer service, and the rep quickly cancelled my order because I couldn’t afford to make the payment, in fact he didn’t even hesitate. I was forced to use home delivery, but when I mentioned that home delivery was going to cost $624 more a year than local pharmacy pickup for my insulin, they said they will not do anything to lower the cost, or change how often they send the delivery, or accept payment from apidra (as local pharmacies will). I don’t have enough cash laying around to pay for my insulin 3 months at a time, I can only pay for a month at a time right now… But they won’t let me pick up my insulin that the doctor prescribed at a local pharmacy and they won’t let me get only a month worth of insulin through them (which is what I can afford). So because they won’t help me, I simply don’t have what I need, and I don’t have insulin, and I don’t know what to do.

Tags: Pharmacies

Address: 1 Express Way Internet United States of America


Phone: 314-996-0900