I used the E-470 toll road in November 2012. While on it, I was utterly confused as to how I was expected to pay. In august 2013 (almost 9 months after using the toll road) I received a phone call from a collection law firm called Linebarger, Goggan, Blair, and Sampson LLC. They stated that I owed $59.49 for an unpayed toll and in order to avoid further late fees I needed to pay imediately. I contacted Express Toll the privately owned company that runs this scam. They stated, thier billing process is to photgraph your car’s license plate as it goes in and out of the toll road and they send you a bill in the mail by contacting your local registration office which provides them with the most recent address you lived at. On their bill they also request that the post office not forward this to a new address. They had obtained a mailing address that I had not lived at for 2 years so needless to say I never recieved any bill and knew nothing of this until it had already been sent to collections and already incured $50 in late fees. By simply googling express toll disputes, you can easily asertain that this business has every reason to not want you to receive their bill and therefor pay triple, even quadruple the original cost. Then once you are sent to collections, they dispatch thier bullies at the law firm to frighten you into paying their outrageous prices. I have contacted my local news station and they are running a story to expose this companies unscrupulous billing practices.

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