Complaint: It started just over a yr ago I was looking for a VPN (or DNS) service so I could steam internet channels on my TV. My initial free provider stopped being successful so I looked for a paid service (you get what you pay for right?). I saw a lot of reviews and sites when it comes to VPN services (come to find out that ExpressVPN hosts MOST of them)! So, I thought I would try out ExpressVPN. Initially I was ONLY using the DNS service, occassionally there was connectivity issues, but nothing significant, speed was very sufficient and it worked. Then after about 4-5 months of service the DNS service failed to provide the services that I needed and after contacting customer support I was instructed that the DNS would never work again for my needs and the only option was to use the VPN service. Well, since I wanted the service for all of my connected devices and also my smart TV, I was told my only option was to purchase an almost $300 router that they advertised. So, I did! Well, the speed loss was drastic! I saw over a 75% decress in speed! this was all verified on independent testing sites, using the exact same server to test my speed with and without VPN enabled! After wasting almost a month with the customer service department with NO luck, only excusses, I was told that the DNS service came back on-line. So, I gave up on fixing the VPN speed and went back to DNS only. Some more months went by, DNS went down again, now they say it works, but it does not and they can not figure out why it will not provide my services. So I was forced to go back to VPN. Again, same slow speeds. I am located in Asia, when I use testmyspeed and a server in NY I see OVER 50Mbps when the VPN is OFF (this does NOT matter if the VPN service is through my router or using their desktop app), but when I enabled the VPN service it drops down to BELOW 5Mbps… at 5 I am able to stream, but not with a good quality, but too often it is BELOW 5, then I can NOT even stream!!!! Now, they are blaming it on the fact that I use the VPN through the router (OpenVPN), even though I showed them it is the SAME slow speeds when that is off and I use their desktop app. And they are trying to sell me ANOTHER router, this one is “better””. Talking to them is frustrating because they go in circles

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Address: half the time

Website: here is a quote from them….. “”The reason why a VPN router was recommended last year is to be able to access XXXXXXX on the Smart TV and not resolve a speed issue”” So

Phone: even in e-mail you don’t get the same person replying to you (even though I am “”supposedly”” talking to a manager)